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For 39 years, we have been helping
improve our patients' quality of life by improving their hearing.

The audiologists and hearing health professionals at Summit Hearing Aid Center have a reputation for providing the highest quality service by using the most innovative listening devices on the market. We provide excellent hearing care to our patients by evaluating their hearing challenges using diagnostic testing and advanced assessment techniques. The professionals at Summit Hearing Aid Center take the time to evaluate your hearing and discuss your unique hearing needs before recommending the best hearing solution for you.

“It is my responsibility as your provider to make sure that you are educated about anything and everything that can help you get the most from your hearing. It could be a software upgrade with your current hearing devices, better communication strategy or upgrading to new hearing technology. I will always make sure that you know what can help you.” - Leslie E. Herman, Au.D.


Our Promise to Our Patients:

“To provide an individually-tailored solution for every patient who experiences compromised speech clarity by offering premium service and customer care.”

Hearing Aid Center in Summit, NJ

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Your hearing level and your individual activity level are both significant factors in determining what kind of hearing assistance is right for you. At Summit Hearing Aid Center in Summit, New Jersey, we will evaluate your hearing and explain your results in terms you can understand. Depending on your lifestyle and hearing challenges, we can make recommendations for treatment and improved listening.

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Our office is equipped with
the latest in hearing technology.

The audiologists and hearing professionals of Summit Hearing Aid Center would like to welcome you to the practice. We have over 30 years of experience and take personal pride in our work. We understand how hearing loss can cause problems with relationships and overall quality of life. We know just how frustrating a listening deficit can be.

In order to better serve you, our audiologists continually update their training, taking continuing education courses and attending seminars. We are continually updating our equipment and software programs to more accurately evaluate your hearing and provide your best hearing solution. Our office is equipped with the most advanced computerized instruments for evaluating your hearing, diagnosing your problem, and fitting your hearing aids.

Our staff will make your office visits pleasant by providing you with top-notch customer service. We focus on patient education, take our time with you, and do our very best to help you achieve improved hearing.

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